Why Do We Need A Member Login?

The Marian Council’s website kofcbloomington.com was recently partitioned into public and members-only sections. Why?

Our site serves several functions:

  • Raise the Knights of Columbus’ public profile (awareness)
  • Promote our banquet and charitable gambling businesses (sales)
  • Engage members (inform, participate)

Each of these roles requires different handling in the information age.

First, awareness. Coincident with a decline in religious participation and the rise of individualism, fewer Americans were familiar with the Knights of Columbus. Until recently, we did nothing to tout our activities or philanthropy. Today we must announce our existence as a social/religious charity to new generations. We need to be visible. For this reason, most of our website content is public.

Banquet, bingo and pulltab sales pay our taxes, utilities, upkeep, and employee benefits. They also fund charitable donations. Marian Hall must be self-supporting and not draw resources that could go to parishes. Word of mouth is the best promotion, so tell your friends and co-workers about our event services. We also want people searching online for banquet halls to see us.

Members are the lifeblood of our council. Each year we coordinate hundreds of spiritual, educational, social, and philanthropic activities. This requires an incredible amount of organizing. To protect our members’ privacy, certain lists are password-protected. It is no longer possible to email attachments to large groups (spam filtering), so we need a sort of online reference library.