Marketing Meeting Minutes February 24, 2014


Knights of Columbus Marian Council 3827

Marketing Team

Meeting Minutes: February 24, 2014


Agenda Minutes/Notes (taken by JimB)
Opening Prayer Started at 702PM Meeting conducted through conference call due to weather
  Mike Gigot, Ned ODoherty,  Bill Jaspers, Jim Breitfeller
Immediate Future: lost opportunity or funds unless done tonight.  Any? MG nothing about Family Funday, Vocations Dinner and Chilifest in Suncurrent; ­JB asked about marketing tools available on web; MG said Mpls Chamber of Commerce website had had a marketing kit; MG sent one as a starting point a few months; email contact list from trivia night was not used for FFD; sign up list for FFD and suggestions sheet will be available
Immediate Past: lost opportunity for lesson to learn

Valentines Day Dinner

No known promotion; is this an event with no owner; JB thinks Doc was the leader on this
Review Calendar No Right to Life for March check others, Valentines Day Dinner was not on; Not on calendar: recognition dinner, softball tournament (Brad Reibel and advertising at tournament), officer installation (Tony?/Orv)
Open Menu: Put this in pdf for our website/printing; Ned believes taking pics with good SLR camera will give best results
Websites for other councils Look around this list and see what the competition is doing; visit as you can
Prayer Request Page Stuff happening no final resolution, not related to website, displaying in meeting
West Metro Young Adults JT on core team,18-39 play sports at Assumption activities center, they want service projects we can co-brand with WMYA, want us to do the speaker plan and pay for it in conjunction with other district councils and state organization;
Added: scrolling social media box Make the home more valuable as the initial point of finding out about us and not the end point; MG sending some screen prints to team members
Added: Weather Closing Notification Process not nailed down; most recent weather event closing restaurant last Thurs  Lisa was directed to find someone to send out a notice on weather closing;  no interest in learning how to cover business
Added Facebook Campaign Dead in water for lack of execution; Rodney Tholen had idea and put material on his persl facebook page, JasonT said it should be under the KC brand
Added: Tapestry Video Discussed reciprocal marketing with organizations whose activities we support as opposed to joint marketing where we work with others on a joint project;

Decided to pass around our ideas for offline discussion before involving some other council members

Added: KC OnLine store JB made point of KC gear as a marketing presence tool
Template Steaming ahead with what we have, no reference to liturgical calendar
State Website/Newsletter Link: Monthly link to state website in eblast for 1 week when marketing inbox receives notice
Kiosk Design Bill sending his ideas on design and Ned has some software that can help move this forward
Anything Else Ned went to website to find out what does not work, did not find it onerous to use and found it inclusive, nothing not user friendly, Ned looking at android and mobile interfaces of website since we have some issues with mobile devices connecting properly: example viewing the restaurant menu
Closing Prayer 834pm
Action: tools to use All: Find marketing kit on Mpls/Blmtg website; read Mike’s starting point
Action: calendar JB: Talk to Brad Reibel on Softball advertising, calendar and website articles; MG: recognition dinner, officer install (thru Tony/Orv)
Action: Open Menu JT put menu in pdf for printing like the Knight News
Action: Mobile Devices Ned will check out mobile interface with website
  Bill sending ideas on kiosks to Ned;  BillJ leading Family Fun Day