K of C On TV

From the Minnesota State Deputy

Special news from the Supreme Council December 2014

Worthy Brother Knights,

I received a call from Lou Barbour, VP of Membership at Supreme. He was excited to inform me that there will be a TV advertising campaign starting now through Sunday, December 28 during the NFL football games. The ad will feature, Vince Lombardi, Jr. and speaks to all the good works that we do. The closing tag will reference our website for more information about joining the Knights.

These ads are scheduled to run only in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan.  You should be very proud that Supreme believes in us and is willing to assist us in support of our membership growth through television ads.  Due to the expense, ad campaigns targeting a high male viewership are normally only purchased by the auto industry or cell phone companies.  Supreme is investing in our ability to take advantage of the brand of the Knights of Columbus and what we stand for…Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism.  What a vote of confidence in Minnesota from the Supreme Council!

Tell all your brother knights at your meetings to watch for the TV ad and promote what a positive position this will place us in.  Bring our ad up in conversations get excited about the message. Start looking for our ad. Lastly, ask someone to join us as we enter 2015 looking for men to help us Change Lives and Save Lives!

 Merry Christmas!

Joe Konrardy – State Deputy