Home Association Board of Directors April 23, 2013 Meeting Minutes

Marian Knights of Columbus Hall, Home Association Board ofDirectors Meeting April 23, 2013

Meeting was called to order by Ralph Bartolotta, President,at 7:12PM.

Opening Prayer was Jim Mac’s.

Roll Call: Board Members Ralph Bartolotta, President P Greg Bruns, Vice· President A/E Russ Lausen, Treasurer p Jim McLaughlin, Secretary P Julian Hynnek P John Kovach P Jim Twyman, Grand Knight P Mike Gigot, Officers\’ Blog P

P= present A/E = absent excused

Others Attending None

Meeting agenda provided via e·mail to all by President Ralph Bartolotta. Thanks Ralph.

Minutes of Last Board Meeting on March 26,2013 were read individually and approved as written.

Treasurer’s Report

•Copies of April’s financials were made available by Treasurer Russ.

•Home Association’s starting balance is $1,500.00. •Income was $5,500.22.

•Expenses were $4,518.55.

•Transferred to Real Estate Fund ($981.67).

•Ending Balance $1,500.00.

•Building Fund Balance on 4/23/2013 was $39,971.96.

•Real Estate Tax Fund balance 4123/2013 was $25,666.99.

•Gambling Reserve 4/23/2013 was $21,000.00.

•Restroom Remodel Project 4123/2013 was $154.13.

April’s Financials accepted as presented.

Manager’s Report • No Report

Energy management • Greg Bruns will provide Energy costs, (electric and fuel) every three months during the year.

•Building Walk Through and Maintenance Issues were presented by JimM.

•Grand Hall west entry lobby light bulbs burned out in ceiling light fixture.

•Room behind the bar in Grand Hall, some grocery bags with food in them for VEAP.

•Sink/Mop/Storage floor needs sweeping in Grand Hall.

•Lower level Mech Eq. Rm. Floor needs a good sweeping and look at and think about miscellaneous storage in this room. ie plywood, piping, etc.

•Point of Information, The pending recommendations for our elevator  have been completed. Well Done Julian. Old Business

•Status of weather stripping for exterior door NE comer?

•Two KC Flags, flag pole type have been ordered.

•More discussion concerning remodeling of bathrooms in our Hall. Minutes of that Committee’s Meetings are on file. July and August start to finish.

•It appears that the checks for donation for bathroom remodeling, need to be written to “Minnesota Knights Foundation Fund. This is so each person can claim donation deductions on their taxes.

•We have a quote to have built (3) three replacement podiums for $250.00 by brother Knights Ron Roase. He will check with Ralph on construction materials and color before he starts. Board all agreed to accept Ron’s offer.

•Jim M will follow up with Kyle’s Lawn and Snow for a quote for mulch around our evergreens along American Blvd. West. Depending on price of installation if he or we do the same.

New Business

•Menards have traffic cones on special in their catalog. A discussion to eliminate traffic barricades now being used and replace with 5 cones for the same purpose. Cones are two sizes in height. It was a go, Ralph to follow through.

•Our Council has it’s own Web Site

Special Focus

•Election of Board Members will be in June 2013. There are three members whose terms are up: Ralph Bartolotta, Julian Hynnek, and Russ Lausen. Ralph and Russ will not seek another term.

•The Installation of Marian Council Officers and Board Members will be on Tuesday, June 25, 2013 at Marian Hall at 7PM. It was suggested that Home Association meet at 5:30PM as our regular meeting night is June 25,2013.

Closing prayer was Jim Mac’s.

Meeting Adjoumed: 8:15 PM

Next Meeting Date: Tuesday, May 28,2013 at 7pm.