Fish Fry Round Up

This year our council added volunteer help to the efforts of our staff to accomodate the increase in the number of customers we serve on a Friday night in Lent

The organizer of this effort was Ralph Bartolotta who had this to say:

” Thank you for all your help during this past Lenten Fish Fry season. The feedback from the staff has been very positive and I believe your efforts made a difference. Customers seemed to be seated quicker and receive their orders on a timelier basis. Hopefully that equates to a positive dining experience that leads to return trips to our restaurant.”

These are your fellow knights and ladies who spent one or more of their Friday evenings improving the experience of our fellow members and guests during this Lenten season:








  1. Bill Lundholm
  2. Russ and Bonnie Lausen
  3. John and Shirley Kovach
  4. Rodney Tholen
  5. Dave Backman
  6. Mike Carpenter
  7. Ned O’Doherty
  8. Joe Novak
  9. Dick Malicki
  10. Mike Gigot
  11. Doc and Beth Williams