Doing the Grand Tour…KC Style part 4

Beth and Doc shared their Christmas cruise with us.

First picture is of one of the main streets in Pompeii.

2, while removing the 20 feet of ash, they found cavities. They pumped plaster into them then removed the ash. It was a human figure who had been buried in the ash and his body dissolved over many years leaving his outline.

3 Mt Vesuvius erupted for 3 days covering several cities in 20 feet of ash & mud. The citizens died from lack of air. They estimated the eruption blew 2,000 off the top.

4, was a main square.

5, pottery found under the ash. A plaster molding of a dog is in the center.


A street in Pompei
One of the many for whom this is all that remains.
The volcano that caused the town to be buried under mud and ash.
The main square of the town.
The implements of daily life. What would ours look like in 2,000 years?