District Free Throw Winners

Worthy Officers and Council Members of Bloomington/Richfield council #3827.,
Thank you for your councils cooperation and participating in this years Basketball Free Throw Competition. This is truly a Great event for the Knights of Columbus councils around the country to shine brightly as an organization spreading the Love of Family. With the families of the competitors in the stands supporting their child, brother or sister in the competition it is a very fun event to help out at.
We really need to spread the word of this Competition to other councils to participate in and at the same time to spread the word of the competition to more youth in the city to participate.
Council #3827 had 2 competitors go on to Regional now.
The names are,
Josiah Sorenson 13 years old,
Judah Sorenson, 9 years old,
and a second place Nate Cagley, 12 years old,
District #54 has  4 councils with 2 participating with the District Free Throw Competition on Saturday February 4, 2017
We have had better turn out for the District level but this must have been a busy Saturday for a lot of people.
We only had 5 competitors 1 girl and 4 boys (2 from Bloomington and 2 from Crystal) that came to the event.
Thank you for your continuous help.
Pat Nelson, District Deputy