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Marketing Meeting Minutes February 24, 2014


Knights of Columbus Marian Council 3827

Marketing Team

Meeting Minutes: February 24, 2014


Agenda Minutes/Notes (taken by JimB)
Opening Prayer Started at 702PM Meeting conducted through conference call due to weather
  Mike Gigot, Ned ODoherty,  Bill Jaspers, Jim Breitfeller
Immediate Future: lost opportunity or funds unless done tonight.  Any? MG nothing about Family Funday, Vocations Dinner and Chilifest in Suncurrent; ­JB asked about marketing tools available on web; MG said Mpls Chamber of Commerce website had had a marketing kit; MG sent one as a starting point a few months; email contact list from trivia night was not used for FFD; sign up list for FFD and suggestions sheet will be available
Immediate Past: lost opportunity for lesson to learn

Valentines Day Dinner

No known promotion; is this an event with no owner; JB thinks Doc was the leader on this
Review Calendar No Right to Life for March check others, Valentines Day Dinner was not on; Not on calendar: recognition dinner, softball tournament (Brad Reibel and advertising at tournament), officer installation (Tony?/Orv)
Open Menu: Put this in pdf for our website/printing; Ned believes taking pics with good SLR camera will give best results
Websites for other councils Look around this list and see what the competition is doing; visit as you can
Prayer Request Page Stuff happening no final resolution, not related to website, displaying in meeting
West Metro Young Adults JT on core team,18-39 play sports at Assumption activities center, they want service projects we can co-brand with WMYA, want us to do the speaker plan and pay for it in conjunction with other district councils and state organization;
Added: scrolling social media box Make the home more valuable as the initial point of finding out about us and not the end point; MG sending some screen prints to team members
Added: Weather Closing Notification Process not nailed down; most recent weather event closing restaurant last Thurs  Lisa was directed to find someone to send out a notice on weather closing;  no interest in learning how to cover business
Added Facebook Campaign Dead in water for lack of execution; Rodney Tholen had idea and put material on his persl facebook page, JasonT said it should be under the KC brand
Added: Tapestry Video Discussed reciprocal marketing with organizations whose activities we support as opposed to joint marketing where we work with others on a joint project;

Decided to pass around our ideas for offline discussion before involving some other council members

Added: KC OnLine store JB made point of KC gear as a marketing presence tool
Template Steaming ahead with what we have, no reference to liturgical calendar
State Website/Newsletter Link: Monthly link to state website in eblast for 1 week when marketing inbox receives notice
Kiosk Design Bill sending his ideas on design and Ned has some software that can help move this forward
Anything Else Ned went to website to find out what does not work, did not find it onerous to use and found it inclusive, nothing not user friendly, Ned looking at android and mobile interfaces of website since we have some issues with mobile devices connecting properly: example viewing the restaurant menu
Closing Prayer 834pm
Action: tools to use All: Find marketing kit on Mpls/Blmtg website; read Mike’s starting point
Action: calendar JB: Talk to Brad Reibel on Softball advertising, calendar and website articles; MG: recognition dinner, officer install (thru Tony/Orv)
Action: Open Menu JT put menu in pdf for printing like the Knight News
Action: Mobile Devices Ned will check out mobile interface with website
  Bill sending ideas on kiosks to Ned;  BillJ leading Family Fun Day

Meeting Minutes: January 27, 2014


kcKnights of Columbus Marian Council 3827
Marketing Team
Meeting Minutes: January 27, 2014

Agenda Minutes/Notes (taken by JimB)
Opening Prayer Started at 704pm. Meeting conducted through conference call due to weather
Attending: Jim Breitfeller, Jason Touw, Mike Gigot, Ned O’Doherty (new member to team)
Immediate Future: lost opportunity or funds unless done tonight.  Any? Updates were applied to the website today, so there may be different view, feel etc.  Please explore the site to find any errors
Immediate Past: lost opportunity for lesson to learn Participated in Assumption parish Ministry Fair on Sunday. 12-230pm. No draw to site in activities bldg. and tables not where people are after mass. Round Table will have to make stronger push next year
Review Calendar
  1. Vocations dinner not on calendar JimB to call Mike S
  2. Need poster placed in parishes at each entrance,  poster in pdf needs printed @ the print shop 11*17 25 30 Mike G sending contact info and copy of poster: JimB
  3. Tootsie roll dates moved for 4th Exemplification, call Mike Waldmann on new dates;
  4. Orv put Feb lecturer on web calendar site but no poster is done, Mike G will do poster for lecture and need social media for both lecture and vocations dinner;
  5. May 1st not listed  annual on May: JimB
Office Page Broken Jason fixed during meeting and is ready for review testing
New Restaurant Menu 1/22 Jason needs in Word to upload to Openmenu; not a straight cut and paste but adding and deleting, needs to know specifically what changed, was deleted and added; JimB to get info for Jason and send to Mike G who will try to work out what is added, deleted and changed
Prayer Request Page Jason cleared this during discussion, at next council meeting will repopulate this with the correct names and find a person to do the regular maintenance
Added: Mantis Bug Tracker Keeps list of items completed so there is audit trail of actions taken
Added: Snow Closing Process Per Mike G: Dave Webb and Scott Marette have been trained to put this on the Bingo page; need to train the hall management to do the same for when they determine the hall is to be closed for weather
Added: KC OnLine store Mike G added page to website that has info and link to Supreme online store for purchasing KC stuff; to be featured in eblast periodically
Template Reverted to pre Christmas one, changed masthead, need to return the field with items at top so they show up correctly in the email when received (JimB did not know this and put them at the bottom); also use the image for the Knight News when announcing the availability of the next edition
State Website/Newsletter Link: Mike G subscribed the marketing email address to the state Knightly News so when it shows up in the inbox, it can be added to the next eblast
Kiosk Design Mike G sent out powerpoint he used for Mason presentation since it had design elements that could be used here.  Please review and give Mike your feedback
Anything Else No
Closing Prayer 820pm

Marketing Committee Meeting Minutes August 5, 2013

Members: Jim   Breitfeller, chair (present)

Jason   Touw (p)

Bill   Jaspers (p)

Rita   Peller (p)

Michael   Gigot, Grand Knight (p)

Tony   Spano, Deputy GK (absent)


Guests: Janet   Breitfeller  

The meeting was called to order with prayer at 7:10 pm.

There was no review of the June 18 meeting minutes. There was no meeting in July.

It was voted to schedule future committee meetings on the fourth Monday of each month at 7:00 pm beginning September 23. Action: JimB will put the meetings on the website calendar.

Past event wrap-up

  • Fortnight for Freedom – most parishes ignored our bulletin request; so did Catholic Spirit. Attendance improved over last year but could be much higher with parish support
  • Job seeker resource conference was well attended, well publicized
  • Networking for a Cause will repeat in September, targeting young members
  • Family picnic was not promoted despite repeated requests. Attendance was poor
  • Softball tournament was successful, but public visibility of the Knights could be better. Why didn’t we have banners, or wear KofC t-shirts? Jim R told Rita a story ran in the Sun/Current mentioning us, and that there would be another after donations were made

Things that don’t work on the website

  • There is no search function unless you are logged in. No resolution was proposed
  • Knights Fraternal Banquets brochure is old and, and is not searchable
  • Articles hard to find (no search). No solution proposed – need to identify a pattern
  • Hall menu is hard to find. We have OpenMenu plugin, will Fraternal object? Members may complain it doesn’t look like our “real” menu and cannot be printed. Advantages outweigh disadvantages. Jason will work with JimB on this
  • Fraternal Corp has not obtained staff biographies (website says “coming soon”). A vote to table this failed. Jason will ask Jay Taylor again. Rename “bartender” due to liquor-license
  • JimB will ask Parish round table chairs to post their church festivals on our web calendar, which is used by other sites (Patch, Crow)
  • A guest asked why website didn’t mention big band dance. Lisa said she didn’t think she was supposed to put Fraternal events on the site. Mike instructed her to do so. Fraternal does not participate in our committee meetings – poor communication
  • Jason fixed the 404 login error by redirecting users to the Announcements page. The only “proper” login path is from the bottom of the landing page. (the other solution would have been to page they logged in from, but this would confuse)
  • Jason changed the color of Parish/School Activities on the calendar to improve readability
  • “Happy Independence Day” still appears on the landing page. No action
  • References to Trivia Night in site navigation, and as a Category, should be removed
  • The website calendar cannot be printed. Members frequently request this. No solution

Review of website calendar

  • Mike has instructed all activity chairmen to post their meetings/events on the website calendar. Cooperation has been spotty. Only the event creator can (later) edit events. There is no member or employee who can manage our calendar – our type of website is designed to have many contributors adding content. Discussed pros/cons of this strategy
  • Fraternal Corp meetings are still not on the website, nor are minutes since June
  • Home Assoc. meetings and minutes are also missing. Pat Nelson agreed to fix
  • Gambling Committee meetings are on the calendar, but there are no minutes online
  • Ladies Auxiliary does not have a member willing to work with us

Old business:

  • At the June meeting, it was reported that Ralph Bartolotta would appoint a Fourth Degree representative to the Marketing Committee. Nothing has transpired since
  • Pat Nelson, Gaylord, Pete Tartaro received 1:1 training to event chairs for posting events
  • Website access for Ladies Auxiliary – Mike got email addresses from Claire Flynn. Need to create logins and email members. No action on this
  • Monthly update of website user access – Jason and Gaylord to document a process. Jason needs to do monthly “merge” but Keith Rauen can create new-member accounts
  • Dining for Schools – Rita plans to contact area schools before our September meeting
  • Website release management (formal process for deploying updates) – JimB reminded administrators to publish articles in draft form for review, just like everyone else
  • Gambling ads– Scott Marette has not agreed to a meeting; has been busy with audits
  • Church bulletins – no discussion
  • Event kiosks – Bill will investigate graphic options. Plan to use at Nativity in the 2 weeks leading up to September membership drive
  • KofC-branded trinkets – Bill talked with Jim R who said we can’t advertise. Issue closed

New business:

  • Jim R asked that the photo blog for restroom renovation be made public (it is now in the members’ corner, requiring login, because there are $ figures in the post) – no action
  • Content calendar – Jason wants to use HootSuite to schedule ‘release’ of web/social content. Try to have new content every day, not post several articles at once and then “nothing” for days at a time. No course of action
  • Agreed that in future meetings, we will follow the two-minute/high-level report drill and then break into project teams
  • JimB took photo of dining room entrée, will do more. Discussed need for ‘presentation’
  • Jason will photo new chef Brenna. JimB will interview her and put story on website
  • Discussed, again, promoting Fourth Degree activities. Janet commented that they are highly visible. They do not work with our committee, and we do not have resources to support them. It was voted not to mention Fourth Degree in our communications

Next meeting is Monday, September 23 at 7:00 pm in the dining room. Note the date and room change. Meeting adjourned 8:35 pm

Marketing Committee Meeting Minutes June 18, 2013


Members: Jim   Breitfeller, chairJason   Touw (Excused)

Bill   Jaspers

David Williams (Absent)

Rita   PellerJim   Twyman, Grand Knight

Michael   Gigot, Deputy GK


Guests: David   Webb, Gambling Chairman

The meeting was called to order with prayer at 7:05 pm by chairman Jim Breitfeller.

May’s meeting minutes were reviewed independently. They were approved as written.

Ralph will designate someone to represent the Fourth Degree on the Marketing Committee. New member Corey Voegele expressed interest Thursday in joining the committee

  1. Website
    1. Let’s study the calendar at each meeting to see if anything is missing. MG has been emailing the User Guide to event chairs with orders to post their events
    2. JB suggested offering 1:1 training to event chairs for posting events. MG supports this
    3. We must stop knee-jerk updates to the website, and plan releases. This has been discussed before. Novice users are scared off by changes – they need to be planned
    4. Navigation – many articles aren’t listed anywhere, can only be found through search
    5. MG will call Claire Flynn about Auxiliary content and marketing
    6. Member access for Auxilians? No action
      1. Keith Rauen agreed to set up new members on our website, and maintain database
  2. Gambling
    1. Database: Scott made announcements about collecting email addresses, but enrollment has been poor. Will set up a MailChimp account separate from
      1. Advertising: The gambling committee doesn’t understand AdWords and Facebook, but is trying to learn. Dave will try to set up a meeting with Scott and Mike to fund the accounts
  3. Dining for Schools – Jackie Spano is librarian at Blessed Trinity. OLG has a new principal
  4. News Releases
    1. Fortnight – MG coordinated publicity, JT did social media
    2. Heritage Days – no opportunity (no bingo or pull tabs this year)
      1. Firemen’s – RP will contact SunCurrent editor about a human-interest story
  5. Church Bulletins – no update
  6. Event kiosks – no progress
  7. Branded items – BJ will ask Jim Rasmussen about advertising limitations

Next meeting is Monday, July 8 at 7:00 pm in the Madonna Room. Note the date change. Meeting adjourned 8:25 pm

–submitted by Michael Gigot