Decorating the Hall November 29th

christmas treeWe need volunteers on Tuesday, March 29 to help decorate the ballroom at our club.

There are some sit-down and other easy jobs.  Wives are welcome and encouraged to be part of this.

There are many Christmas related parties starting Nov 30th and it is very important that we get it looking festive. These events are impoprtant to the success of our hall.

The decorating will began at 9:30 and hopefully will be done by early afternoon.

Coffee & rolls will be served at break time.

Call Doc (952-888-9884)  or email and let him know your coming.

Knights Doing for the Poor Clares

Who are the Poor Clares?  More info here

Your council has been helping this community by doing maintenance work and things the good sisters can not do themselves.

Below is a list of the items done in the last quarter.

sinkandfaucetJim Haeg
1. Repair 2 bathroom sink faucets
2. Repair 1 toilet
3. Repair 2 sink faucets
4. Help clean sewer to street



chapelwindowBill Walden
1. Wash both sides of chapel windows
2. Repair closet door and lock
3. Glue floor tile in basement store room
4. Cut and remove 12 feet of blacktop from driveway for city to install new blacktop
5. Cut off cabinet doors
6. Clean basement store room
7. Remove unneeded lumber stored in basement, involving climbing 2 flights of stairs to get wood outside



woodchairGene Drabek
1. Repair 2 storm door locks
2. Repair 3 wood chairs
3. Repair 2 dead bolt locks
4. Repair 3 bath vanity doors

snowblowerNext up: prepare snow blowers for winter