Doing The Grand Tour….KC Style

Brother Doc Williams and his bride Beth, have been on a cruise through the Mediterranean for Christmas.  This is the first of several parts of their trip, thanks to their generosity in sharing their experience.  This editor and others will probably only see these sights through their eyes.  Here is an opportunity to learn.

Day the First: Dec 15th

Our first day was disastrous. The ship could not come into port because the fog was so bad that they closed it. Our ship was diverted to a port 2 hours south and that made a mess of the schedule. We finally got on board around 8 PM. My hip ached so much that I finally accepted a wheel chair. They took us to our room and other than shower, I didn’t get out of bed because of the pain. We even ordered dinner in our room. Wednesday was much better. We went on shore and got in our Gondola ride which Beth wanted to do very much. We had lobster tail for dinner and saw a show. Put in reservations at an Italian restaurant for Christmas Eve and the Chefs table Christmas Day.



I think they got the bigger boat!
St Mark’s in Venice


My GPS says I’m where?













Riding in style

More to come.

Sweat Equity

Multiple wins….excellent!

We were required to add a fence to the south parking lot.  It could have cost us a lot of money that has a better purpose.
But some sharp eyes and willing hands got the deal done…and repurposed wood fencing that might have ended in landfill.

The new fence in front of our south parking lot took a about a week to complete. Julian Hynnek organized the project and did a lot of the work himself. He found a house that was scheduled for demolition and got permission for us salvaged about $1,000 of fencing material on the property. We took it to Julian’s house where he cut all the wood to size. We then transported the wood to our south parking lot where it took 2 days to reinstall. The estimated savings to the club was $5,000.
A high 5 to the men involved in this project:
Julian Hynnek
Doc Williams
Alan Peterson
Bill Waldon
John Kovach
Russ Lausen
Jim Rasmussen
John Jakala
John Crary
Leo Fair
Jim Kupiecki
Jim Stachowski
Ned O’Doherty
Dick Malicki
Tom Fourniea y

Pics below

Looking Sharp

Knights Donate Time and Carpet To Your Hall

representative of what your brother knights did for our hall
representative of what your brother Knights did for our hall








When you see these guys, say “Thanks”

New carpet was installed on the stage at our hall.

The men involved in carpeting  the stage were:
Doc Williams            Julian Hynnek             John Kovach       Dom Violante
Jim Kupiecki            Tom Peterson

The work took place on Monday Aug 17 & 18 from 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM with time off for breaks and lunch. We removed the old carpet, scraped off old glue, installed new edging, applied new glue, and put down new carpet squares.

These were donated by Ralph Bartolotta.