Knights Doing for the Poor Clares

Who are the Poor Clares?  More info here

Your council has been helping this community by doing maintenance work and things the good sisters can not do themselves.

Below is a list of the items done in the last quarter.

sinkandfaucetJim Haeg
1. Repair 2 bathroom sink faucets
2. Repair 1 toilet
3. Repair 2 sink faucets
4. Help clean sewer to street



chapelwindowBill Walden
1. Wash both sides of chapel windows
2. Repair closet door and lock
3. Glue floor tile in basement store room
4. Cut and remove 12 feet of blacktop from driveway for city to install new blacktop
5. Cut off cabinet doors
6. Clean basement store room
7. Remove unneeded lumber stored in basement, involving climbing 2 flights of stairs to get wood outside



woodchairGene Drabek
1. Repair 2 storm door locks
2. Repair 3 wood chairs
3. Repair 2 dead bolt locks
4. Repair 3 bath vanity doors

snowblowerNext up: prepare snow blowers for winter

District Doings

by Ralph Bartolotta

  1. New Officer Installation- We have scheduled Crystal (St Joe’s) at 7:00 Pm on Tuesday June 14th and Bloomington (Marian Hall) on Thursday June 23 7:00 pm.  Hopkins and St. Louis Park are welcome to join in one of the scheduled dates or to host their own installation. If they would like to host their own please let me know so we can get it on the calendar. Our new District Deputy, Pat Nelson will be in attendance.
  1. Yearend Reports- Now is a good time to take stock and prepare a plan to complete the end of year and beginning of year reports. If your Council has been challenged to complete the reports in a timely basis I strongly suggest that the Grand Knight ask a Past Grand Knight to step forward and provide leadership in this area. A PGK has the knowledge and experience to manage this area with ease.
  1. Circle of Honor- Our State jurisdiction is very close to achieving Circle of honor. What would really help at this time is to add one to three more new members per council. If you have candidates please try and setup a DVD admission degree and get them in by June 30th.  The DVD is very easy to use and if you let me know when you are holding the ceremony I will try and attend to support your efforts. The DVD requires about a half hour so a degree can be conducted very efficiently. Bloomington held a DVD degree last Thursday and brought in a new member. They have three or four more and hopefully they can sponsor another Degree. We need 101 new members to meet the new member goal and the net/net goal. One to three new members per council will put us over the top.

            Here is an email from our Worthy State Deputy: 

                        Worthy Grand Knights, Worthy District Deputies and Dear Brothers, 

                        As of this morning, here is our status as we work towards Circle of Honor for our state.  Just like many of you are working towards Star Council, as a team we are working to reach Circle of Honor. 

                        As of June 3, 2016:

Level 1










New Members


Net/Net Members


Star Councils





















                        We only need 10 new Members to reach the goal of 1100.  Over the last few months, we have been adding about 140-150 new Knights each month.  We will achieve!  In the Net/Net Members we fell back wards since the state convention.  Here, instead of being positive, we are now at a loss of 1.  So it is critical that we do not stop our attention on adding new members this month. 

We should continue to look at Inactive and Transfers into MN as well.  And this goes hand in hand with reaching Star Council.  10 Councils have qualified.  Based on the recent StarTracker, we have another 30-35 that could earn Star by adding a couple members or Insurance so it is not time to hold back.  Go for it!












If we achieve Level 1.  Let me re-phase that….WHEN we reach Level 1, we will also achieve Level 2 as we have exceeded our Net Membership goal for the year.

                         What can we, as state officers, do to help you?  You have our support.  All the state officers are here to see you succeed.  When you do, we do as a team.  Submit that SP7, earn that McGivney and Founder’s award.  Make a difference in this last month of the fraternal year.  Our members deserve to see their work recognized.  Let’s do everything we can to do just that!

                        Joe Konrardy

                        State Deputy

                        Minnesota State Council

                        Knights of Columbus     


                        952.451.1956 / 952.472.0596