Atta Boy and Thanks Sirba Family!

christmas wrap1

Volunteering time and effort to others is a gift.

Last week we all received a gift.  When you see these guys,

say “Thanks”



Seasonal Decoration Change In The Ballroom:  January 22

Taking down and storing Chrsitmas Decorations was done and we were eating rolls with coffee in just over an hour.

Al Ramola                           Jim Haeg               Leo Fair                     Dom Violante
Ted Pietrini                        John Jakala          Ned O’Doherty         Julian Hynnek
Denny Hirman                  Ken Ralph              Bill Weldon               Tom Busch
Doc Williams                     Rodney Tholen     Deacon Jim McLaughlin
Russ Lausen

The people who took down the Christmas decorations and put up the Valentines decorations in the dining room. Took 3 hours.
Beth & Doc Williams
SueAnn Sirba (neighbor)
John Sirba (son)
Peter Sirba (son)
The Sirba family volunteered even though they are not members of the club. They just wanted to help.