About the Knights of Columbus

Our council was chartered in 1954. When our ballroom was blessed in 1957, it was surrounded by fields – note the dirt path is now American Boulevard. Thousands of newlyweds held receptions in the room where they “met their match” at CYO dances.ConstrucHallBless

Today we serve new generations of multi-cultural families with parties, fundraisers and athletics. We remain Bloomington and Richfield’s largest charity, and a force for good.

Join us. Benefits. We welcome everyone to our activities, but members must be Catholic men age 18+. See your parish priest, another Knight, our membership director, or just show up!

Our Leadership Team

Chaplain Father Robert Schwartz
Grand Knight Michael Gigot (mail to grandknight[at]kofcbloomington.com)
Deputy Grand Knight Manuel Leon
Chancellor Brad Riebel (joinus[at]kofcbloomington.com)
Warden James Seymour
Treasurer Keith Rauen
Financial Secretary Gaylord May
Recording Secretary Tom Busch
Advocate Bill Peterson
Guards Tom Steigauf, Joe Schepers, Jose-Luis Torres
Finance Jack Koepke
Public Relations James Breitfeller (marketing[at]kofcbloomington.com)
Helping Hands C.L. Delfs
Program Director Joseph Novak
President, Knights Fraternal Corp. Gary Ingram
Gambling Manager Scott Marette
President, Marian Council Home Association, Julian Hynnek
President, Ladies Auxiliary Elizabeth Williams
Knights of Columbus Field Agent Lloyd Cybart (lloyd.cybart[at]kofc.org)
Trustees James Twyman, Rodney Tholen, Tony Spano

Officer Responsibilities. It takes a lot of people to do what we do, and we can use your help. Check out our calendar and get involved!

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